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Throughout the metamorphosis, however, one thing has remained con- stant: Dr. "/ thought that I'd be good at it and I'd be happy doing it." The professor's own educa- tion began at West Catholic High School For Boys and continued at La Salle College, where he earned a de- gree in Social Studies and English. How many of us can remember the all-purpose Leonard Hall, which housed cafeteria, bookstore, and barber shop? Courtney's love of teaching and his personal interest in his students. He received a fel- lowship to Niagara University in 1941; however, the onset of World War II and the events at Pearl Harbor interrupted his studies, and he temporarily put his edu- cation on hold in order to join the Navy. And how many of us were around for the first admit- tance of women in 1970 — a change which, the profes- sor states, added "A good academic dimension" to the La Salle education. The new Food Court presents a unique and colorful version of the food service sys- tem. Tomorrow, when I know more, I recall that piece of knowledge and use it better. The passing moment is all we can be sure of; it is only common sense to extract its utmost value from it; the future will one day be the present and will seem as unimportant as the present does now. Mark Van Doren 27 #.f)i£s a Bfp Me M ^^^H ^^^H^*2^^^Hj ^PJi H ^^^H^^^^^^^^i^ iab|i ^3 |H ^ ^^H ^7^^ ^ Lil^^^l ^^■i! ^ ^fei ^^^^ ™ T^ i# 1 «^^^ IMi ^^^^^^^KBH ...-3 -M fl 3I&.-J 1^ r "■- -^W 1 \ 2 / -an' "■■J 28 If we value the pursuit of knowl- edge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. We recognize the hard work of the administrators who keep the University running and guide its growth. We recognize the dedication of the fac- ulty to increasing their expertise and sharing it with their students. More recently, over the past twenty years, he has seen the geographic expansion of the cam- pus, due to the addition of the residence halls, which has enabled the University's population to stretch be- yond the Philadelphia area. Courtney also commends La Salle on the adap- tion of a broader liberal education. Education today, he feels, is entirely too specialized and too oriented to- wards careers.

Hal Borland 30 31 32 Twenty Years of Coeducation It is a fair assumption that most students take La Salle University's identity as a coeducational institution for granted. however, the introduction of wotnen students to our campus was a big event. La Salle College had been an all male institution, and significant bravery and foresight were required of administrators, faculty, and students alike to make this change work. Glenda Kuhl Dean, Evening Division and Summer Sessions Dr. Hopefully, in the years to come, the 1991 Explorer will remind its owners of the intangible benefits of their years at La Salle, which cannot be recognized in a year- book. As you look through these pages, you will see a reflection of La Salle. Mc Goldrick DEDICATION Four and a half decades of service, a dedication to teaching, or a genuine interest in his students as indi- viduals? John King Director of Admissions, Evening Division Mr. Since joining the La Salle faculty in June 1946, Dr. Courtney observed first hand, developments of world-wide importance, such as President Truman's announcement in August of 1945 of a new bomb which could mean the end of the war. He began teaching at La Salle that same year, but he simultaneously continued his education and in 1957 received his Ph D. Courtney has wit- nessed the changes that have transformed La Salle from the small, all-male institution which occupied only the third floor of College Hall to the co-educational, cos- mopolitan university we know today. in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Courtney has observed and been a part of the changes which have shaped the La Salle of the 90' s. Raymond Ricci Vice President for Enrollment Services Bro.

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