Updating lmhost file

Net BIOS was invented by IBM and is used extensively by Microsoft in the Windows environment to provide a more intuitive method of networking using device names instead of meaningless addresses.

This is also called the Renewal Interval and defaults to 6 days.This can be achieved with static mappings or with a dynamic method such as WINS that use the P-node server (NBNS) concept. In order to cut out the chance of broadcasts occurring when resolving IP addresses to names you can create a file on a node called an LMHOSTS (LAN Manager Hosts) file where IP addresses and Net BIOS names have been mapped manually.Each entry in the LMHOSTS file contains an IP address, a tab and the Net BIOS name with perhaps a hash character (#) followed by a comment, an example might be: The number of bytes assigned for Net BIOS names is 16.The 16th byte is reserved by IBM and Microsoft and is often used to identify things such as services by SMB/CIFS (analogous to TCP/UDP ports). There is a special name called NETBIOS_NAME_1 which consists of 10 zeros and the MAC address of the NIC.Certain rules apply to the LMHOSTS file such as Net BIOS names are limited to 15 characters (bytes), the 16th one being reserved.

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