Who is brent bolthouse dating

A sluggish elevator is your key to getting inside (or rather, outside) the buzzing, open-air roof deck, swathed in an exotic canopy and scattered with hip Downtowners clutching plastic cups—just precaution due to the pint-sized dipping pool off to the side (You’d be surprised at how many people can fit into it after a few drinks.).

A DJ in shades (despite the near-midnight hour) spins cool electronic beats as the city lights glitter below.

If you've got serious moves, stop by on Thursday nights for a live DJ and dancing.

Plus its always better to be able to wow him on like the 3rd date.

Instead it's about the everyday girl and girls who live and breathe the industry. Get acquainted with Britt right here, plus we even scored a few styling tips. Brittany: My 1979 Rolling Stones Tour T-shirt RSP: If you could swap closets with anyone, who would it be? RSP: So, what look do you recommend for a first date?

It's about being able to capture what the "everday" girl is wearing and being able to tell that story..us fashion isn't about the idea of being 'Rich, Skinny or Pretty,' that consumes magazines, runways, red carpets and advertisements. Brittany: Awareness/Fundraiser for Wildlife Waystation and Independent- Entertainment Relations/Outreach RSP: Describe your personal style in three words: Brittany: Americana, Rock 'n Roll, Tom Boy RSP: What's your favorite item in your closet right now? Brittany: If I think its bang who cares if anyone else likes it. Brittany: I'm an east side kinda girl so Los Feliz/Silverlake and I usually dress how I feel so its gonna be a surprise but definitely say hey if ya see me. Brittany: Phone, ID, cash (ladies always have on you), credit card, Altoids, and C. Bigelow lip balm or Burts Bees RSP: Now that we know about your personal style, please give our readers a few pointers.

(A cut and a cocktail are easily found at this New York City export that made its West Coast debut in Culver City.

You can take control of the dating scene and be light years ahead of your competition if you have a strong sense of who you are and who you’re looking for, where you’re going in life, and what you want.

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